Operating out of strategically located facilities across the United States and Canada,
USA Global Logistics has the ability and network to meet the myriad of needs of retail customers across the nation.


Our variety of truckload shipping services offered through a reliable supply chain provides you with peace of mind and reliable delivery times. At USA Global, our team of transport specialists use cutting edge technologies, premium carriers, seamless processes, and competitive pricing, to deliver your Truckload and Volume freight on time, every time.

Our dedication to Truckload and Volume freight excellence exists by building strong, long-lasting relationships with leading companies across various industries in the United States. Enjoy stress-free shipping with our safe and time sensitive carrier services.


Our Transportation & Pool Distribution Services Include:

-Truck Load, regional and long haul
-Dedicated Line Haul
-Less Than Truckload
-Freight Consolidation
-Deconsolidation and fulfillment services
-Pool Distribution

  • Final Mile

  • White Glove

  • Store Delivery

  • Mall Delivery

Less than truckload is a great way to ship your freight and only pay for the space you use.
These services are reliable and backed by services that have every option you need to get
your cargo to destination on time and intact.

Our vast network ensures all your regional and long-haul needs.

Distribution Advantages:

-Precision and accuracy as all freight is scanned inbound and outbound and at delivery.
-Timely Reporting and Accurate Invoicing.
-Ability to maintain peak KPIs at all delivery points.
-Consolidation of freight for both inbound and / or outbound operations, decreasing costs over parcel or LTL services
-Multiple locations offer ability to be close to the customer or selling point.
-Partnerships and assets to ensure supply chain control
-Competitiveness and efficiency across all touch points.

USA Global Logistics offers a complete suite of supply chain solutions that support your business
in developing a competitive advance through improving the flow and management of your product.
Our supply chain teams work with you to understand the business challenges you face, and
develop practical and effective options to overcome these, and drive your business forward.

Domestic Truckloads and Partials:

At USA Global Logistics you can count on us for all of your transportation requirements.
Without the tie to a particular asset or to a particular service, we will work with our extensive
carrier partner networks to ensure that you have the service that meets your needs at the price that meets your budget. 

-Full Truckload, both regional and long-haul
-Solos and teams
-Partial truckloads
-Less than Truckload
-Dedicated Line Haul


When it comes to parcel shipments, our technology is one of a kind. In a world where shipping desks are littered
with multiple systems and work stations to manage routine day-to-day shipping needs, our technology revolutionizes
the game creating a single streamlined interface that saves time and money.

-Shop for multiple carriers from a single application 
-Eliminate the need for duplicate or multiple workstations 
-Shop for best service to fit your shipping need 
-Integrate the technology with accounting system
-Barcode printing, database creation
-Tracking and tracing of shipments integrated in the system 
-Audit of parcel shipments

Cross Border:

Importing and exporting goods from Canada can be a confounding and time consuming effort.
At USA Global Logistics, we take the concern out of the transportation, as we and our carrier
partners completely understand border processes, customs clearance and cross border transportation. 

-Less than Truckload
-Pool Distribution
-Deconsolidation and delivery services


Intermodal is not only a smart move for shippers but for the environment, too. When you depend on
USA Global Logistics to ship via intermodal, you benefit from: visibility, tracking updates, and access
to load details on all of your truckload and intermodal shipments.The Intermodal team is comprised
of trained and tenured experts who know the ins and outs of intermodal capacity, pricing, and opportunity.

-Load Detail Access
-Specialized Team


USA Global Logistics provides high-quality warehousing services with maximum flexibility. We offer:

-Dedicated facilities
-Inventory Management



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We generally service the continental United States but have strategically partnered with vetted carriers to get your job done anywhere you need it.