Twenty Plus Years Of Incredible Customer Service


Uncompromised Customer Care 
Open and Honest Communication 
Partnerships, not transactions


James Steve Gineris 
President and Founder US Global Logistics

Jim Gineris is the Founder and Chairman of USA Global Logistics LLC.
35 years of Transportation and Logistics experience in all aspects of operations, sales and, most importantly, customer service has allowed Jim to build a proud and talented team at USA Global Logistics.

As a corporate officer and a managing partner at two different logistics companies it has been his wide range of knowledge and creativity that has led to the success of the companies he has guided to this point.Jim continues to work very closely with his clients and help to find the solutions to the issues they face in the ever changing world of logistics.

“There’s a great joy in working with wonderful people and I could not be more proud to call our customers my friends.”

Jim is married to Glenna, has grown adult children, and many grandchildren. In his somewhat limited free time Jim enjoys wine collection, is an antique auto enthusiast, collects 1960-70’s music, and is an avid Chicago sports fan.Jim is also active in the “Fight Against Cancer” through the efforts of Northwestern Memorial Hospital located in Chicago, Illinois.